This is a guide for those who wish to uninstall and do a fresh installation.

Pre-check ( finding the location of your existing installation )
to do this right click the desktop gameloop icon and choose open file location. Normally if you installed it on c drive it should be like below

C:\Program Files\txgameassistant\

1 – First you need to uninstall using the gameloop uninstaller this is found normally on your startup menu

Start > Tencent > Tencent Software > Uninstall Gameloop

2 – Go to the location where gameloop was installed and delete any file there

3 – Go to to follow directories and delete the tencent folder ( Note : you only have to delete emulator related files if your using wechat ) Also  the have to be replaced with your windows user


4 – This is a tricky part so becareful with this. open start and run regedit.msc as administrator and navigate to the folder mentioned below and delete the entire Tencent folder


5 – make sure you have deleted all the temp folders gameloop have created during its usage. normally found any drive which has more free space. But to be sure you can check all your drives and delete them.


This should completely erase your data related to gameloop and you should restart your pc and disable your anti-virus before installing with new installer ( make sure windows defender and its cloud protection is off before proceeding.

Also after installation please add gameloop installation directory to exclude from protection. This is to ensure that anti-cheat works perfectly and have no effect on the performance of the emulator.

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